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Nervous System Scans

At Harmony Family Chiropractic, we utilize the state of the art CLA INSiGHT nervous system scans.

INSiGHT scans are computerized, non-invasive, safe, painless test that allows us to get a baseline of how your body is reacting to the stressors of daily life- physical, chemical, and emotional. It measures how your nerves communicate with your muscles, how your nerves communicate with your organs, and how your nervous system adapts to stress - in short they tell us how your body is functioning!

These scans allow us to accurately detect dysfunction in your nervous system beyond what you may be feeling or experiencing symptomatically.

The INSiGHT scans are made up of the three tests: Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Surface EMG, and Thermal — which work together to tell us how stress is impacting your overall health and well-being.

  • Heart Rate Variability: Measures how your body is adapting to stress

  • Surface EMG: Detects how nerves are communicating with muscles

  • Thermal: Shows how the nerves are communicating with organs

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Why Does Scanning Compliment X-ray Examinations

X-rays are an integral part of our chiropractic examination. They confirm the static alignment and bony changes associated with long term postural stress. INSiGHT technologies looks at the dynamic, neural signals in the motor, sensory and autonomic divisions. INSiGHT scans detect unhealthy stress patterns that affect the performance of the entire nervous system. They are essential in tracking improvements in spinal motion and nerve system function while under chiropractic care.

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