During your first visit, we will get the opportunity to connect and get to know you, your goals, and health history. Before meeting, you will receive an online health questionnaire to complete, which we will spend time going over on your first visit to understand how to best support you and your goals.

We will then perform a detailed exam utilizing state-of-the-art Insight Scanning Technology, which helps to assess how your nervous system is functioning and adapting to stressors- physical, chemical, and emotional. We will then perform a comprehensive structural analysis to allow us to see what structural compensations your body might be making to adapt to different types of stress on you nervous system. This includes digital x-rays, if appropriate, to give us the exact shape and structure of your spine allowing us to provide the best adjustment possible. The doctors will use this data to formulate the best individualize care program for you.

Our initial consultation for new patients is split into two different appointments. Both are included as part of the initial cost. Note: An adjustment is not included in this fee.

Plan for approximately 60 minutes for your first visit.


Our office understands the needs of their pediatric patients, especially with Neuro-developmental and Sensory Processing Disorders. In these cases, we will provide a specific sensory-based assessment for your child. Please let us know before your first visit how we can best accommodate you and your child’s needs such as setting up a phone consultation or splitting appointment times.


After connecting with you on the first visit, we will study your history, thoroughly interpret your scans, and analyze any x-rays taken. During your second visit, we will review the results of the scans + x-rays with you and recommend care based on your individual health history, scans, x-rays, and goals.

Remember that healing takes time and consistency. We have found that those who are committed to their recommended care and frequency reap the ultimate reward - Harmony in their Health!  If you are only looking for a quick fix, we probably are not going to be a good fit for you.

Plan for approximately 45 minutes for your second visit.



It’s finally time to receive your first adjustment and invest in the care that's been recommended just for you. Although Drs. Chris + Jaylene will always provide you with their best recommendation for care, you are welcomed to pay our single visit fee once you have completed the initial consultation. By selecting one of our discounted care plans you can save 15-20%.

We prioritize patient-centered care, giving you the care you and your family DESERVE. Therefore, we do not work with any third party insurance companies. However, we do accept HSA & FSA cards and provide itemized receipts you can submit.